Art Club Booking Information and Schedule

Welcome to the Booking Page for Art Club. Art Club runs every week, and every other week will be a repeat session – with the same focus, prompts and demonstrations. I recommend one Neon and one Pink. However you can book as many or few sessions as you like! 

Remember sessions with the same name will be the same for that month. For example – both January Neon sessions will be the same, then both January Pink sessions will be the same.  


Get started: I am trialling a 3rd party booking system. Please use the sign in tab, top right to create an account (you only need to do this once), or sign in if you already have created an account.


Make a booking: Sign in to create a booking. 

(Use the sign in tab, top right or click on the session you wish to book and use the sign in link in the pop up box.)


When signed in – you will return to the Booking Information and Schedule page. Click your preferred session in the schedule. Choose NEW BOOKING then CREATE BOOKING. Choose to Pay Now or Pay Later. (Pay Now takes you to Paypal. You can choose to pay later, and pay by card on the night).