Help for schedule Summer Camp 2020

For further queries or information about your booking, please contact Charlotte:

07531 287 487

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Navigating the schedule

You can navigate to a different date by clicking the arrows next to the current date.

Creating bookings

Create new bookings by clicking an available class. You can edit previously created bookings by clicking on them in the class where they were created. The table below indicates who is allowed to create or edit bookings. The administrator determines which information needs to be entered and who can make changes to the schedule. When a window is in the way you can simply move it by dragging its title bar.

Access settings for this schedule

Who can create a login name:Anyone who knows the web address can create a login name.
Who can see the schedule:Anyone who knows the web address can see it
Who can add bookings:Anyone who can see can add something
Who can change bookings:Only the administrator or superusers can make changes