Schedule for PheNoumenon 360° Home Rental

For this pilot phase, we have planned for the start day of rentals to fall on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.
We appreciate your kind understanding by selecting these start days.

> Delivery Option: S$160, round-trip delivery [Bundle Package Code: PheNrtd]
> Pick-up Option: S$140, self-collection/return [Bundle Package Code: PheNscsr]

Cost breakdown
Bundle Rental Fee: S$70
Security Deposit (Refundable): S$70
Delivery Fee: S$20

*S$70 will be refunded after return of Bundle, T&Cs apply.
**Friends of T.H.E’s discounts only applicable to the rental fee.

> Kindly make payment for the rental using debit/credit card
> Otherwise, select the "Pay later" button on the payment page for payment via PayNow (UEN: 200818017E)
> Screenshot and send PayNow transaction details to
> Rental booking will only be secured after payment has been verified

1) Sign up/in to your SuperSaas account.
2) Select a Monday, Thursday or Friday as the first day of booking. Kindly take note of the start and end date of the booking.
3) Fill in your particulars, Bundle Package Code according to your mode of collection, and select the Bundle unit you wish to rent.
4) Click “Create Reservation” and fill in the rental form.
5) Make payment via debit/credit card or select “Pay later” for payment to be made via PayNow.

> Delivery Option: Kindly note that the Bundle(s) will reach the address indicated in the form between 4pm-10pm on Day 1. The Bundle(s) will be collected from the address indicated in the form between 1pm-5pm on Day 5.
Pick-up Option: Kindly collect the Bundle(s) on Day 1 and reture it on Day 5 of your booking at 90 Goodman Rd, Blk M, #01-51, Singapore 439053 during our office hours, 10am-7pm.

WARNINGS (More information -
VR is not suitable for the following participants
1) Pregnant;
2) Elderly;
3) Wearing cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids and defibrillators;
4) Below 13 years old;
5) Have pre-existing medical condition(s) such as repeated fainting episodes, seizures or epilepsy, binocular vision abnormalities, psychiatric or mental disorder; amongst others.

Please consult a doctor if you are unsure whether you can participate. Kindly embark on this experience at your own discretion.

For enquiries, do feel free to contact us at or WhatsApp us at (+65) 88891473 during our office hours - 10am-7pm, Mon-Fri.