Mandatory Driver Training at Colmis - Online Booking

IMPORTANT: to log in and book your training, you need to have access from your own company, which will share with you the login details. This booking system for the training is independent from the online visitor registration for coming to Colmis: your individual registration will not work here. Contact your coordinator for more info!

Please navigate through the calendar and select the day and session you are interested in making a booking and follow the instructions given. Reservations through the online system can be made up to 72 hours before every training session.

If you cannot find an available slot during your stay or if you need to make a booking less than 3 days before your desired training, please write to or call Colmis Reception at +46 (0) 961-720100

Please remember that changes and/or cancellations are possible free of charge, but only valid up to 72 hours before the training takes place, after this period no refund is possible.

PAYMENT METHOD: Please kindly inform us whether the participant will be paying onsite (via credit card) or whether it will be invoiced to the company, either as an extra cost or as part of the company contract. 

Thank you for your interest in the ColmisPlus Driving Academy!