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All items are served with toast

Two Eggs: served with sliced tomatoes and one option from the listed items
Gold Bread Basket: Banana bread; Bajan Coconut Bread, and a selection of jams
Granola served with natural yoghurt and an assortment of fresh fruit
Waffles or Fluffy Pancakes: served with jam, freshly sliced bananas, whipped topping and maple syrup
Seasonal fruit, sliced and served with natural yoghurt. May include mango, oranges, grapes, kiwi, pineapple
Sunny Side Hearty Breakfast: Two eggs, any style, served with breakfast potatoes, baked beans and sliced plantains with a side of your choice: *flying fish subject to availability
Hearty Omelette served with breakfast potatoes. Please select one cheese and any three (3) of the other options:
Pancake Platter: Scrambled eggs, fluffy pancakes, seasonal fruit and a slide of maple syrup with your choice of one of these options:
Sungold Vegan: Baked beans, fried plantains, breakfast potatoes and Vegan Sausage when available served with green olive and basil salsa
Special Selection:
Sides - in case you want a little extra: