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Please note: Education rates only apply for visits taken during Hampshire term times (week days only)

a) Education Hubs with Park Visit 

Check for hub availability here. Our 15 minute hub sessions accommodate up to 30 pupils, per slot.

Each hub has separate topics and can be adjusted to accomodate EYFS and KS1 - 5 (up to A Level equivalent) groups only.

b) Self-Guided Park Visit - schools and colleges

This is available for EYFS and KS1 - 5 (up to A Level equivalent) groups only. Self-guided park visits do not include a workshop.

This type of visit is ideal for education groups who want to follow their own agenda/haven’t been able to find availability on a suitable day for a workshop.

c) Marwell Post 16 Conference 

These conferences are held twice a year in the autumn and spring terms. They are developed to meet the needs of Post 16 students following the current National Curriculum. 

d) Home Educator Self-Guided Park Visit

This type of visit is ideal for home educating families. Use our free downloadable resources to enhance your visit. 

e) Home Educator Sessions - Currently Suspended

These activities are designed for home educating families. Each month (excluding August) we will focus on a different topic, delivered through a range of engaging activities.

f) Higher Education Self-Guided Park Visit

This is for higher education groups only. Minimum group size of 6. Self-guided park visits do not include lectures. 

 Recce Visits and Resources

 a) Recce Visit

 b) Discovery Box Booking

 c) SEN Discovery Box Booking

Other Useful Information

a) Special Needs Information - Fill in this form if you have booked a workshop for a SEN group.

Please note: This is NOT a booking form for SEN groups.

b) Park Rules

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