Booking a Rehearsal Studio in Warwick

COVID19 UPDATE - The booking system is now live to take bookings.

- If you don't have an account, contacts us directly either by phone or email, or see below for setting up an account.

- Please note when creating a booking a buffer of 30 minutes is set between bookings, so if the last booking finishes at 6pm the system will only let you book from 6.30pm, and if the booking after you starts at 9pm you will only be able to book up to 8.30pm.

- This buffer is to allow the previous band to leave and you to arrive 15 minutes before your booking to santize.  Paste the following web address to see our COVID19 policy

-  Thank you for your understanding.


Setting Up An Account - If this is your first time using the rehearsal studio, you will need to call before you will be able to use the system.  You can book your first session over the phone and set up an account for future online bookings.  Call 07752467965 or 07748788036

Privacy Policy - The information you supply when setting up an account will be stored securely.  It will only be used for the purpose of your booking and contacting you in regards to your booking and will not be shared with any 3rd party.  Your booking will show up in the calendar as a booked time slot but no information about yourself will be displayed publicly.