Schedule for BSC Snooker Table Bookings

To book a table click on the date and time slot required (6-8 or 8-10) and enter reservation details.

Please enter the team names/players on Line 1 - eg. Team 1 v Team 2 or Player A v Player B or Surname1/Surname2 v Surname3/Surname4
Please enter the type of Match on Line 2 - eg. League 1/2 or KO Cup/Handicap Cup or Singles KO/Doubles KO

If booking Singles/Doubles matches please specify table letter, Table A is nearest the noticeboard.
If others require to book a table for the same slot please email details to the Admin below so we can update the reservation.
This also applies if a booking requires amending or deleting.

All news, updates, league tables, results, fixtures and draws are now available at:

***** Please remember to record ALL frame scores on match sheets *****